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Screen Shot: Our 3d tool running in Windows XP ZTools Enterprises Welcomes You
OWNED BY AUSTIN S. We are the developer of 3d modeling and animation packages - like those used for special effects and movies today. There is one drawback, however, these tools can cost up to ,000. So what happens if you are bored one day and decide to make the next Shrek? Well here is where we come in, our tools are completely free, but just as good as the ones pros use. So it can't hurt to download our programs... who knows THIS COULD BE A TURNING POINT IN YOUR CAREER!!!

More information about 3d modeling and animation.

Now is when a company would throw a 4 digit number at you, us however are throwing you a 4 letter word : FREE!!!

So how do I learn this... and can I really create the next Shrek?
Well, you may not create the next Shrek right away, but you certainly will be creating some awesome models and movies RIGHT AWAY. After you download our programs, you can download the manual and many tutorials. Furthermore, send ANY questions you may have to me at gdiman2k2@yahoo.com!

Screen Shot: our 3d tool running in Windows 2k Features?
I'm sure you wonder... well what can this thing really do??? Well download the feature list in our downloads page and find out. Also check out some of these cool screenshots.

(Sorry but this program is only available for the Windows operating system.)